Sunday, 21 October 2012

Update Soon

I've been spending time working on my M.A.S.K. script so will have the next update on this site very soon.

Currently at 113 pages - still around 30 pages to do then I need to trim it back down to around 120ish pages.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

M.A.S.K. Issue 2

Mask Issue 2, dated 8th-21st of November 1986.  Again came in a sealed poly bag - this weeks gift a cardboard cutout of Miles Mayhem's Viper Mask.

Table of Contents -
  • Front and back wraparound cover
  • Five pages - "Monster Mountain" Part 1 (B&W with red tint first cell)
  • Four pages - "The Great Head Robbery" Part 2 (Colour)
  • Five pages - "Snake Farm" (B&W)
  • Centrepage spread - Switchblade
  • Five pages - "War of Venom" Part 2 (B&W with Green tint first cell)
  • Single page advert
  • Single page - Letters Page
  • Single page advert
  • Five pages - "The Key of Solomon" Part 2 (B&W with Blue tint first cell)
  • Preview of next issue
With the UK MASK comic there were generally two types of covers.  The "Serious" style that relates to one of the storys within that issue - as was the case with Issue 1.  We also had the more "Lighthearted" covers that would generally involve members of MASK and/or VENOM speaking directly to the reader - as with Issue 2.

On this cover, Miles Mayhem is gloating that you'll enjoy the Centrepage spread of Switchblade, when Bruce Sato and Matt Trakker use there Masks on him.

In our first story, "Monster Mountain", Matt Trakker is on holiday with his son, Scott and robot, T-Bob Visiting a Frankenstein Museum.  Unbeknown to them, VENOM are in the vacinity who set off a warhead causing a Volcano to erupt.

In "The Great Head Robbery", the Statue of Liberty's head is put back but it's not long until Lady Liberty shows a darker side as weapons start firing from her mouth and eyes, can our MASK team rise to the challenge.

Matt Trakker has developed Robots for Agricultural use, with Robot Guards to look after security of the factory.  Miles Mayhem and Cliff Dagger attack and steal the robots and Matt Trakker eventually catches up with Miles Mayhem at his "Snake Farm".  Unfortunately, Mayhem escapes unscathed.

The Artwork in this story is so good that I have taken two images from it for this blog.  The detailing is absolutely amazing and stands out from it's American Counterpart from DC Comics - this might be the reason for the US comic having such a short run in comparison.

From the image of Jackhammer crashing through the Front Doors above all guns blazing to Miles Mayhem with his Viper Mask in full flow below, the action is realistic and believable.

Miles Mayhem's Switchblade Helicopter/Jet Fighter adorns the centre pages of this fortnights offering.

Matt Trakker and his team are caught in the middle of the "War of Venom" part two.  Miles Mayhem as the small Central American States of Tigmuala and Sanduria lock in battle with our M.A.S.K. team intervening to prevent anymore bloodshed.

VENOM's carnage of London causes our MASK team to help the public whilst trying to protect a convoy of Priceless Treasures in "Key of Solomon" Part Two. Buddie Hawkes, MASK's Master of Disguise, goes under cover.

Another Great issue in the fledgling series.  As the images above show, some of the best artwork in the comic series was always the Black and White Comic strips.