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M.A.S.K. Mini Comics - Issue 3 "Assault on Boulder Hill" - #assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

Issue 3 was the last in the Mini Comic Series that came free with the toys!

For such a small comic, the visuals pack a tremendous punch.

We have Cliff dagger in Jackhammer attacking Boulder HIll - Alex Sector mans the freeze ray cannons and shoots at him as Thunderhawk flies overhead firing its weapons at him.  Buddie Hawks is seen in mid penetration utilising his Mask.

As the story starts, Cliff Dagger is in Jackhammer and uses his Torch Mask to start a fire on the trailer of an unsuspecting truck passing by.

Meanwhile, at Boulder Hill, Buddie and Alex as discussing the worthwhile cause of donating blood that the rest of team are attending whilst they man the fort at Boulder Hill.

As the Truck speeds past them, still on fire, they decide to activate Boulder Hill's Security System and give chase in "Hondo's Truck".  We don't really get a good view of this, so I'm assuming it's Firecracker that they use.

Mayhem flies in in Switchblade and uses Frequency Duplicator to get past Boulder Hills "hi-tech" Security System!  Dagger enters the M.A.S.K. HQ to steal their Masks.

As Dagger rendezvous with his leader, they try on the Masks to discover that they have been booby trapped and give them a shock.  In disgust, the V.E.N.O.M. team throw the Masks into a lake.

Alex and Buddie get back to Boulder Hill to find that the Masks have been stolen.  Matt Trakker is back from giving blood to the red cross - he explains that the Masks have been programmed to only respond to commands from M.A.S.K. Team Members.

Matt then uses a Homing Beacon to have the Masks fly their way back home.

Now, a Camaro that turns into a Jet is relatively believable.  But a flying Mask?  Even I'm dubious over that!

Anyway, the Masks find their way back to Boulder Hill and our team "Suit Up" in preparation for round two of V.E.N.O.M.'s assault on Boulder HIll.

Matt takes to the air in Thunderhawk, Alex heads outside and Buddie stays inside to keep guard!  Hmmm...  seems like Buddie wants to stay away from the action?

As predicted - the assault comes from the V.E.N.O.M. team.  Mayhem spots Thunderhawk and uses cloud cover to get behind before he unleashes his attack.

Matt takes evasive measures to avoid being hit from Mayhem, then Boulder Hill's defences aid Matt by attacking Switchblade.

Dagger attempts to attack but his weapons ricochet off of Boulder Hill's defences.

Dagger uses his Torch Mask to fight Fire against the Freeze Ray Guns manned by Alex Sector.  Buddie launches the Boulder from atop of their HQ that sends Dagger fleeing!

Mayhem also turns tail as Matt gets behind him and attacks.

This is a well constructed little comic.  There are a few issues, as I've mentioned, but apart from that it is overall very good.

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