M.A.S.K. on Facebook

There are a number of M.A.S.K. Facebook pages for you to like and join in the many conversations with like minded individuals.

Firstly, there is my page - Mask Comics - although I'm reviewing comics on my blog and there is plenty of chat around this; feel free to discuss anything M.A.S.K. (or V.E.N.O.M.) related here.

The infamous Matt-Trakker.com can be reached on Facebook at Matt-Trakker.com Facebook - with over 1000 likes on his page, this is another great place to meet M.A.S.K. agents from around the world.

With 27.5k likes, we also have the M.A.S.K. Facebook page.  Not sure if there is a website linked to this or not!

Wyatt and Jason over at M.A.S.K. Movie Blogspot can be found on Facebook at M.A.S.K. The Movie a great resource to discuss their patented MASKast and all M.A.S.K. related material.

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