M.A.S.K. links

Below are links to some other M.A.S.K. sites you might be interested in -

Boulder-Hill.net features articles, news and content ranging from Artwork to Merchandising.  You'll find scans of the comics that came free with the toys - wonder if I'll have to include a review of these at some point?

Albert Penello's website is the goto place for information on the complete toy range.  With images and information, this site has helped me immensely with my script.

M.A.S.K. Movie Blogspot - technically speaking, Jason and Wyatt are my Competition as they have completed a script and this is where they are promoting it.  This is a good place to go for Cartoons and Reviews and if their script is as good as their site, I have a challenge on my hands - bring it on boys!

Matt-Trakker.com is another great site that has features on, well anything M.A.S.K. related.  This includes interviews with the stars of the cartoons.

cereal:geek is the place to buy the cereal:geek magazine.  I'm new to this and only have the first issue but it looks great.  An entertaining look at every cartoon that was cool in the 80's, including M.A.S.K.

Masksite.com is another great resource for M.A.S.K. related material.

Another cool blog is http://mobile-armored-strike-kommand.blogspot.co.uk/ with great images of unseen toys.

M-M-M-Mask....  A nice site with some great images!

And where would we be without a M.A.S.K. Wikipedia page?  Like all pages on Wiki, don't believe everything you read.  There is a bit of mistake concerning the UK M.A.S.K. comics.  According to the site the UK comic reprinted the American comic before creating new story's.  This isn't correct, the UK Comics (as you'll discover from my blog) have never reprinted the American comics  However, there were some Annuals that did reprint the American comics.

So, there we have it.  If you have a site or know a site that I have missed, let me know and I'll add it.

Not exactly a M.A.S.K. fan page but check it out anyway - http://www.jumpedtheshark.co.uk/


  1. I have issue 1 to 80 of mask copies in excellent condition apart from 1 with lose pages, plus winter special. How much would they be worth?

    1. This is only an opinion...

      I was bidding on a complete set about a year or so ago and I gave up the bidding at £25 - they sold for just a little bit more than that.

      If you do decide to sell, it would nice for them all to be sold as a job lot but there are two issues with this - the first is the cost of postage - probably around £10 and second is that the buyer will most likely be buying them to sell individually on Ebay to make a profit. I'd probably say £35 at the very top end.

      There have been a lot with "Buy it now" prices of £5.99 and above for only a single issue - some clown is even trying to sell a copy of the Eagle with the Preview issue for £75.

      Needless to say most of these have been on Ebay for months without selling, whilst identical items are going for about 99p. The challenge of selling individually is that you may only sell a handful of issues and be left with the rest.

      Not sure if this helps or not.

      You might find that if either my script or Jason and Wyatt's makes it to the big screen then the value will go up.

  2. I don't view us as competition as we have a common goal...get M.A.S.K. on the big screen! Good luck to you in your quest! Will definitely be passing along your site to our followers as those of us who have a passion for M.A.S.K. need to work as a team to help bring it back!

  3. I also have a complete set of MASK UK comics including the 80 issues, the Holiday special, the preview comic and many free gifts such posters, stickers and masks.

    I cannot believe that you think an entire collection like this is only worth £25. That works out to about 30p per issue!!

    And the comic cost 35p per issue back in 1986!!

    Your telling me that I've kept these comics in great condition and as a complete collection for the best part of 30 years and they are actually worth less now then what I originally paid for them????

    I thought comics were supposed to make money and be a decent investment? I am very disappointed. I didn't collect them to make money but still......very disappointing.

    1. As I said above, this is only my opinion. Comics are meant to be collected and enjoyed - as I'm sure you did when you collected these great comics.

      I wouldn't pay more than £25 plus £10 for the complete set of comics, but that doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't pay more. The last time I bid on a complete set I think they went for £35, but previous to that I managed to get a complete set for a lot less.

      You may want to watch some items on Ebay before you consider selling your own to gauge how much they are going for. I think you can also search for items already sold to help you with that.

      I certainly don't think any issue is worth £75 - especially as a recent item on Ebay - a sealed Roy of the Rovers with free M.A.S.K. preview - didn't even sell and the starting bid on that was 99p (I think).

      As for an investment; I'm sure that your kids would enjoy them as much as you did - I know that my 3 year old son loves the cartoons and once he's old enough to appreciate the comics, he can have my second set.

  4. Yeah but if you had told the 12 year old boy who carefully sealed his MASK comics up in a airtight box and stored them in a loft for 25 years that they would be worth less in 2013 then they were in 1988 then I doubt I would have bothered.

    And 35p was a lot more money back then than it is now. Its crazy to think that those comics have lost money.

    I never intended to store them up for profit and in honesty its only the last couple of years that I have even considered their worth.

    But £25 is deeply disappointing. I guess Ebay has devalued everything. I mean everything is so readily available now that its all become worthless.

    I'll be honest I always figured they must be worth £500 at least.

    Anyone collecting comics today for financial gain in the future is wasting their time.

    Cheers for the opinion anyway William. Its nice to find some fellow MASK fans.

    1. As I've said, I'm not a collector/seller so couldn't advise on what they are worth. All I know is how much I'd pay for them and how much I've seen some of them go for.

      You could always check out your local Comic Store if you have one to see how much they would pay as that is their business.

      When it comes to my set, as an example, I don't have any intentions of selling them so I'm not really interested in whether they are worthless or priceless because they are priceless to me.

      I'd say that my copies are in good condition and the only Freebies that I don't have are the M.A.S.K. Wham bars that were given away on two (if I remember correctly) issues.

      I was buying up some extra copies as I initially was going to use the spare copies to copy the centre pages to accompany my script if I were sending it to someone - just so they knew the concept behind the script. I am now using my extra copies for my blog so that I don't damage my own copies when re reading them or taking photo's.

      At somepoint I plan to allow my son to read them as I know that he liked watching the DVD Boxset (he has his own copy now - cheap on Amazon at the moment).

      I know that in years gone by before Ebay, Comic Stores always told me that comics made by IPC/Fleetway weren't really that collectable and as such never ever had any. I'm surprised as I thought with The Eagle, 2000AD and Judge Dredd having such a large following that they would've been more collectable. I'm not sure if that has changed now.

      Anyway, I hope that you like my reviews and my Facebook page and you should consider even keeping your comics. I know that I've written a script as have Jason and Wyatt but I think the Copyright/Trademarks for M.A.S.K. have long since expired so may never re-emerge. So, maybe one day they will be worth more money, if that's what you are looking for.

    2. Just a little not a collection of 78 M.A.S.K. comics recently went for £51 yet an almost complete set (missing one issue of Eagle and M.A.S.K.) went for £12.72 plus £15 P&P.

  5. https://www.facebook.com/MASKSERIE80s