Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Full M.A.S.K. Script

Many Years ago, I started a journey...  a journey that began with writing a script based on M.A.S.K. - Mobile Armored Strike Kommand.  

Along the journey I have met some great people.  When I started out, I'd always said that I wanted my script to be enjoyed, preferably as a movie, but with the recent announcement that Hasbro and Paramount are working with a team of writers to bring out a M.A.S.K. movie, I guess my dream is over.

I had promised some time ago that I would publish my script for everyone to read and hopefully enjoy.  So here it is.

I had hoped to rewrite it as I know that it could be a lot better than it is - the 1st 20 or so pages concentrate too much on a back story to lead into the movie but I've not yet had the time.

Thank you all for reading my blog over the past few years.

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