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M.A.S.K. Mini Comics - Issue Two "A Monster from V.E.N.O.M." - #nessie #assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

There has been a lot of speculation recently about sightings of the Loch Ness Moster - #nessie - being found on Apple Maps.  There have also been a number of stories recently that suggest that the great beast may be dead!

Well, according to M.A.S.K. Mini Comics Issue Two - we now know the REAL story of what happened to #nessie !

For a small comic, the front cover doesn't half pack a dramatic first punch!

Dusty Hayes in Gator is attempting a rescue in his Gator boat as Sly Rax enters the water in his Piranha Sub.

Meanwhile, overhead, we see Brad Turner Flying overhead in Condor!

This is a great, well drawn cover - just like the first issue.  It really draws you into the world of illusion!

Inside - our story starts off at V.E.N.O.M.'s top secret base as we see Miles Mayhem donning his Viper M.A.S.K. to attack Matt Trakker who has somehow managed to track him down.

As Mayhem's Viper Mask fires upon Matt Trakker, he informs Matt that there is no Antidote to the poison spat out from his Mask!

As Sly Rax enters the room, we discover that this isn't the real Matt Trakker - but instead just a dressed up Mannequin!  I Guess the V.E.N.O.M. Leader has to practice somehow!

Rax has a copy of news paper in his hands with the Headline - "Loch Ness Moster appears in Diablo Canyon"!  For all of those Nessie Hunters out of there, now we know where she has gone!

It would appear that our Evil V.E.N.O.M. Team have managed to capture her and transport her to Diablo Canyon.  A trap to lure in the M.A.S.K. Team to their death's.

We then see Matt Trakker and Bruce Sato in a Dinghy searching Diablo Canyon.  It strikes me as strange that they are not in a M.A.S.K. vehicle, nor do they have their Masks with them!

Anyway, the Loch Ness Monster rears out of the water causing our M.A.S.K. Duo and the occupants of another Dinghy into the water!  As Matt hits the water, he uses his M.A.S.K. watch to summon the M.A.S.K. Team to their location.

After helping the other tourists back into their Dinghy, our duo of heroes get back into their Dinghy and lure Nessie away.

Brad Turner and Dusty Hayes are back at Boulder Hill HQ and pick up on Matt's distress call and head out on Condor and Gator, respectively!

We then see Sly Rax lurking in the shadows on Piranha and discover that he has implanted a Remote Control in Nessie's Brain and is programming her to go after our M.A.S.K. team.

As Brad and Dusty reach the scene, Sly spots them and attacks!

Brad uses Condor's Anti-Matter Ray to destroy a land torpedo courtesy of Piranha!

Rax heads of under a threat that he'll get them at Diablo Canyon!

Brad takes flight in Condor to get the Canyon quicker - however, he encounters some strong winds that slow him down somewhat!

We then see a tourist trying to get a great picture of the Monster but ends up falling into the Canyon itself.  Rax uses this opportunity attack him as he knows that the M.A.S.K. team will enter the fray to save him.

Dusty enters the water in Gator's Hydroplane to go after Rax in Piranha!

After a brief battle with Rax, Dusty goes to the aid of Bruce and Matt who are still under threat from Nessie!  As he gets there, he uses Gator's Freeze Ray to freeze the water around Nessie;  trapping her fast!

Rax comes in for another attack, but a little illusion work from Brad Turner's Hocus Pocus Mask soon sends Rax on his way!

This is a great little comic that was given away with the toys.  However, I'm not too sure what then happens to Nessie - so perhaps the mystery of #nessie continues to this day....

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

M.A.S.K. Mini Comics - Issue One "Flaming Beginnings"

Coming free with M.A.S.K. Toys, "Flaming Beginnings" was issue one of the M.A.S.K. Mini Comics series.  Issue one gives us the background on the back story of the M.A.S.K. and V.E.N.O.M. teams.

The front cover of this small comic is full of action as we see a battle between Switchblade and Rhino.  Bruce Sato is driving Rhino and Matt Trakker is out using his Ultraflash Mask!

A small aeroplane flies towards Boulder Hill Gas Station, Nevada - followed closely by Miles Mayhem in Switchblade.  Mayhem presses a button within Switchblade to set his diabolical plan in motion.

Once pressed, the button causes the small aeroplane to go on fire.  The pilot attempts to parachute out of the falling plan but lands badly as his chute doesn't open in time.  He lands just outside of Boulder Hill with his plane crashing in the background.

Matt Trakker and Bruce Sato run out of Boulder Hill - fearing that he may be dead after his fall from the plane.  Matt finds him with his eyes open and they rush him into Boulder Hill for some much needed first aid.

Up above in Switchblade, Miles Mayhem is eavesdropping on their conversation.

As they attend to the stricken young pilot - Bruce asks Matt if he knows him!  Matt replies that he reminds him of his younger brother, Andy, and then starts to retell the tale the beginnings of M.A.S.K. and V.E.N.O.M.

Back in the day - Miles Mayhem and Matt Trakker had set up a team together to fight crime and evil.  But Mayhem was dismayed at not receiving any publicity for all of the good that they were doing as a team.

Andy had drawn up blueprints for Masks and vehicles - to be discussed at a meeting the following day.  The next day, Matt turns up late for the meeting to find his brother injured and trapped in the fire.  He manages to get his brother free but with his dying words he tells Matt that Miles has betrayed them all and is responsible for the fire - and stealing half of his plans!

Whilst Matt is conveying his story, Bruce notices that the pilot hasn't blinked since he was brought in!  Then he realises that he is actually a robot!

Cut back to Miles Mayhem in Switchblade as he his still eavesdropping on our M.A.S.K. team as he presses another button on Switchblades control panel.  Back in Boulder Hill and the robot starts ticking.....   He's a time-bomb!

As all of their flying vehicles are out on missions - Matt and Bruce use Rhino to get the ticking time-bomb as far from Boulder Hill as possible.  Miles converts Switchblade into Jet Mode to attack our heroes - as M.A.S.K. use one of Andy's inventions to help save the day!

Rhino and Switchblade engage each other and Matt gets out to use Ultraflash to blind Mayhem as Bruce uses Lifter to return the ticking robot back to its unsuspecting owner.  Blowing up just shy of Switchblade - it is enough to Mayhem turn tail and run!

For a free comic with a toy, this is very good.  It gives a great background to how our teams are formed and explains why both sides have such similar weaponry.  It has a good story and is well drawn.

I'm not too sure why Miles Mayhem felt the need to have a time-bomb built into the robot - if he had just used the button to remote detonate the bomb he would've succeeded!  Guess that's why the good guys always win!

If you have never read the comic, you can view it online over and M.A.S.K. Eire's Facebook Page or at Albert Penello's Page or over at!

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M.A.S.K. the Movie - now Agents of M.A.S.K.

The "M.A.S.K. The Movie" website has been offline the past few months.  During that time, Wyatt and Jason were keeping us up-to-date on their Facebook Page that there were some changes afoot on their blog.

Set up to promote their Live Action M.A.S.K. Movie Script, they have decided to change their page to encompass all things M.A.S.K.  There are many Fansites already on the internet including, and Albert Penello's M.A.S.K. Page.  

The Mission Objectives of the new site are the following -

"Agents of M.A.S.K. is a fansite dedicated to Mobile Armored Strike Kommand.
Our objective is as follows:
  1. Keep fans engaged through new original M.A.S.K. content. Whether it's through our site, our social media, or through MASKast, we hope to find new ways to discuss the M.A.S.K. franchise.
  2. Bring back M.A.S.K. through our live-action movie scriptThe original reason for starting this website was to promote our script and we will continue to promote our dream to see a big budget M.A.S.K. film on the silver screen.
  3. Share relevant content by our fellow M.A.S.K. fans. Not long into our online presence did we meet up with many other fans around the world. We love sharing websites, fan art, and other content dedicated to the M.A.S.K. franchise.
  4. Connect fans from across the world. Building an online global community of fans is what we strive for everyday. M.A.S.K. truly impacted the world for several years in the '80s and we aim to unite everyone who continues to call themselves M.A.S.K. fans."
As a M.A.S.K. fan, I think that this is fantastic news.  I have been in contact with Jason and Wyatt a number of times over the past couple of years and I know how passionate they are about all things 80's - especially the "World of Illusion" - M.A.S.K.

Their site has morphed into Agents of M.A.S.K. and if you haven't already checked it out, I'd urge you to.  The current banner on their Facebook Page shows the conversion from M.A.S.K. The Movie to Agents of M.A.S.K. - like the conversion of one our favourite M.A.S.K. Vehicles.

As someone who has also written a script based on M.A.S.K. I fully understand the challenges faced in bringing back this great Franchise.

I think it will only be a matter of time before M.A.S.K. makes a long overdue return and I think that fans should be at the forefront of any return.

We know the mixed reaction to the Transformers Movies - and I'd hate to think that when M.A.S.K. comes back that it would also face such scrutiny and the fans MUST be involved in that.

With that in mind we need to #assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComcis - anyway we can.  By uniting we have a better chance of doing this.  We also have to take the bull by the horns and sign the Bring Back M.A.S.K. petition to show the world that we mean business.  The more signatures and comments left on this page - the better.

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