Tuesday, 16 September 2014

#MASKday - Open Letter to Hasbro

When I first discussed the idea of a joint "M.A.S.K. Day" with fellow M.A.S.K. sites I had no idea how much support - if any - we would receive.  After starting the #assembleMASK campaign and the Bring Back M.A.S.K. Change.org Petition, I was looking for a way of boosting these campaigns.

Although the comics were my route into M.A.S.K., the World of Illusion, when Jason from Agents of M.A.S.K. suggested that we make the 16th of September #MASKday - the air date of the first cartoon episode - we all agreed.  

Perhaps, from my perspective, that was fate.  In September 2009, I started the very first steps of writing my script which has then led me on this incredible five year journey.  I've met some great people along the way via my blog and Facebook Page - set up after I eventually finished off my script a couple of years ago.

I guess I was maybe somewhat naive in thinking that if I wrote a script it would be made into a movie.  Perhaps the imagination to write a script gave me the hope to believe.

It was only after I finished the script that I found out all of the Trademarks for M.A.S.K. had not been renewed and cancelled by default.  My dreams shattered, I wasn't going to let that phase me.

My imagination ran wild again; this time working on ideas to protect the characters, vehicles and masks we have come to love - to allow Hasbro to bring back this great franchise.

I have tried the direct approach with Hasbro - this has failed.  When you contact a company with ideas they see this as "Soliciting".  This doesn't go down too well.

Therefore, I'm going for the subtle approach with an Open Letter to Hasbro - which I would like all of you to share for me.

All I'm asking for is the chance to share my ideas with Hasbro - with the aim or bringing back M.A.S.K.  We all know that the original toys were made by Kenner, however Kenner was bought over by Tonka which in turn was sold to Hasbro.

I assume that at the time all of the designs for the toys were passed over - it was just the Trademarks that were lost.

I believe that Hasbro are keen to have M.A.S.K. as part of their lineup.  They have Trademarked the term "M.A.S.K. - Mobile Armored Strike Kommand".

There have been various sightings of M.A.S.K. characters cropping up such as the G. I. Joe Anniversary and the mention of the M.A.S.K. division in the Transformers cartoon.

I'd heard a rumour of a comic release by IDW, for a convention I believe, that featured M.A.S.K. as a specialist Police Task Force.  Up until today, when Darren Gregson shared some images with me, I had never seen any proof of this.

The picture to the right is taken from the front cover an you'll see another well-known Hasbro toy featured below - Jem and The Holograms.

Some of you may be aware that Jem and The Holograms are currently getting the Live Action Treatment from Hasbro Films.

Isn't it time that M.A.S.K. made a comeback?

Transformers; G.I Joe; Battleship; and more great movies on the way from Hasbro Films based on our favourite toys.

All we are missing is the best one of them all M.A.S.K. - Mobile Armored Strike Kommand!

Do I think this could be as bit a success as Transformers?  Perhaps not.  But I do believe that it could do better than G. I. Joe - which had mixed reviews from fans.

That is why five years ago this month I started my script.  Unknown to me on the other side of the Atlantic Jason and Wyatt had a similar idea.

Unfortunately, neither my script nor Wyatt and Jason's are likely to be made into a movie if Hasbro don't have the means to protect their interests.

That is why I'm asking Hasbro to allow me to discuss my ideas with them.  There is a good chance that my ideas may not work.  However, I have quite an analytical mind - combined with a great imagination and I feel that I have come up with great solutions to challenges faced by Hasbro.

I'm sure that anyone reading my blog will agree that M.A.S.K. is long overdue a return.

Hasbro, please let the fans of M.A.S.K. help you bring back this great franchise, if you are indeed entitled to the Trademarks.

Thank you.

And many more....

Remember to sign the Bring Back M.A.S.K. Petition at Change.org

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Saturday, 6 September 2014

#MASKday Giveaways

Darren Gregson of Back to the Old Drawing Board is giving away a superb hand drawn picture of Thunderhawk in honour of #MASKday.

Matt-Trakker.com is giving away one of his brilliant T-Shirts for #MASKday.

When I first came up with the idea of a day to promote M.A.S.K., I thought it would be a good idea to do a giveaway!  But, unlike the sites above, apart from my Script, I haven't any other creative talents!

So, I thought that I'd giveaway a copy of "The Deathstone" novelisation.

The copy that I'm giving away is second hand and in Fair Condition.

These are actual images of the book being given away.

On the 16th of September I will be logging into my M.A.S.K. Comics Facebook Page to host an event for all M.A.S.K. fans.  I'll be available from 8.30pm BST (British Summer Time - GMT+1) for approx 3 hours.

I'll make a post on my site and all you have to do is like & share the post and make a comment that must include "#assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKday #MASKComics".  Ideally, as I'm going to be online, it would be good to have some questions and have a chat going on with as many M.A.S.K. fans as possible.

It would be great chance for us to all interact.

For those of you not available for the three hours when I'm live, you'll have 24 hours to leave your comments on my page to be eligible to enter the competition.

Myself and the rest of the M.A.S.K. Community are looking to promote the "hashtags" in an attempt to get them trending.  As well as this, it would be great if you could all sign the petition to Bring Back M.A.S.K.

I will then enter all of the names of everyone commenting into a Macro which will randomly select a winner - this will be done the weekend following the 16th of September.

Matt-Trakker.com are asking everyone change their profile picture in the run up to #MASKday and below there are two variations - depending on your Countries Date Format - please use one most applicable to you.

Let's make sure that the first #MASKday is a success and watch out for news of other events happening on other M.A.S.K. fan sites.

If you have a M.A.S.K. fan site or any other site and would like to get involved and be promoted - please feel free to E-mail Me Here!

Thank you for your support - and lets Bring it back!!

#assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

G.I. Joe's Taurus - M.A.S.K.'s Alex Sector

Coming from the UK, I never grew up with G.I. Joe.  Palitoy made the 12" Action Man, which was our version of Joe, which was then called Action Force when the smaller Figures were introduced.

Then in the mid-80's, G.I. Joe replaced Action Force.  I never watched the cartoons but did collect the comics.

A while back, I bought a copy of the G.I. Joe - The Movie cartoon for £1.  I put it on for my son and whilst watching it, I couldn't help but notice the similarities between the Joe's Taurus and M.A.S.K.'s Alex Sector - 

Anyone else agree?

Whilst on the subject of Alex Sector, I came across this great image over at Deviant Art -

From what I can tell, some dude commissioned the work - I guess with his beard and bald head, he must've had come comments about looking like Alex Sector and decided to go for it...

The boys over at Agents of M.A.S.K. are looking to Recast a movie - so if you have any suggestions for who could play Alex Sector in a movie - head over there now!

Remember the Bring back M.A.S.K. Campaign is still going strong - feel free to make your way over to Change.org and sign the petition.

#MASKday is coming on the 16th of September - keep that day free and keep up-to-date with all of your favourite M.A.S.K. sites - including the M.A.S.K. Comics Facebook Page!

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

M.A.S.K. Comepetion Time over at Back to the Old Drawing Board

Darren from Back to the Old Drawing Board has a special prize up for grabs.

He has drawn this fantastic image of Thunderhawk and is giving it away on his Facebook Site - and all you have to do is like his page to enter!

The full details of the competition -

The prize.
An original 6x4 inch pen and ink drawing of Thunderhawk on Strathmore 300 series Vellum Bristol.
This piece of artwork has been created by me, specifically as a giveaway (see scan and photo).

The goal.
To achieve over 100 page 'Likes' by the deadline of 15th September 2014.


To become eligible for this giveaway, all you need to do is 'Like' Back to the Old Drawing Board's Facebook PAGE.

Please feel free to TELL YOUR NOSTALGIC M.A.S.K. FAN FRIENDS about my M.A.S.K. art.

Existing 'Likes' will also be included in the final draw.

The only entry restriction is that you are a M.A.S.K. fan, like art and comics, and would like to win my original 6x4 inch drawing of Thunderhawk.

The deadline is 15th September 2014, and the winner will be contacted that day with a request for postal details.
I will then announce the winner on M.A.S.K. Day, 16th September 2014. 
The winner can decline being announced if they choose (via private message).

The giveaway winner will be chosen at random by assigning a number to each participant, and using a random number generator to pick the winning entry.

If the winner declines the prize, their entry will become void and I will redraw until a winner is found.

The competition will become void if the goal of 100 page Likes has not been met by 15th September 2014.

The prize will be mailed to the winner shortly after in sturdy and secure packaging.
The initial postage cost will be paid by me.

I am not responsible for any custom charges incurred if living outside of the USA (or any other additional charges once the item has been mailed to any region).
I am not responsible for the item being damaged in transit or lost by the postal system.
There will be NO replacement or alternative prize offered during any stage of the competition and/or after the prize has been mailed.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. A copy of Facebook's giveaway rules can be found at www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php

I acknowledge a complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant.

#assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hondo McLean's Firecracker by Darren Gregson

In the build up to #MASKday on the 16th of September, Darren Gregson from Back to the Old Drawing Board has been busy again!

After his tremendous V.E.N.O.M. picture last time out, we now have Hondo's Firecracker!

Firecracker may have had a fairly simple conversion in comparison to other M.A.S.K. vehicles, however, it is one of the true classics!  The motorbike on the back was a neat, if underused, addition to this vehicle.

Darren, this is amazing!  I would love to see it in the glory of colour!

Keep up to date on all the goings on over the M.A.S.K. Comics Facebook Page.

#assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics #MASKday

Thursday, 14 August 2014

V.E.N.O.M.'s Supremacy - Darren Gregson - #assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

In the build up to next month (more details coming soon), Darren Gregson has released another of his infamous works of art!

Showcasing Vampire and Stinger - this image truly reflects V.E.N.O.M.'s Supremacy!

As of now, this is my favourite drawing of Darren's.  I have a place in my heart for Vampire - after 8 issues of the UK comic (9 if you include the Preview Issue), issue 9 had a little surprise on the cover -

A glimpse of a new V.E.N.O.M. agent!

After going for so long with just the characters, vehicles and mask's from the series one release toys - this was an exciting time for a fan like me!

It wouldn't be until issue 10 that the whole cover and centre spread was dedicated to this great character and his steed.

I'm guessing that from the toy's perspective, Vampire would be the new Condor in terms of price point and a lot of kids would buy it!  I never had many of the toys (seemingly I was too old!!) but would've loved this one.

Anyway, getting back to Darren, please like his page over at Back to the Old Drawing Board.

I highly recommend that you like his page as this is where you will get all the scoops of his new pictures.

I'd also ask that you share links to his page - I'm sure you'll agree that he is a talented artist and would be great to ensure as many people as possible can fully enjoy his work!

In the meantime, I'd urge you all to like the M.A.S.K. Comics Facebook Page also so that you don't miss any of they upcoming events across multiple M.A.S.K. and other sites, including -

Agents of M.A.S.K.



M.A.S.K. Eire

Remember that the Bring Back M.A.S.K. Campaign is still strong and your full support - so please sign up and share all the links via all Social Media sites.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

M.A.S.K. - Transformers Crossover - #assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

A little while back I discussed an episode of Transformers where Optimus Prime transforms into a vehicle created by the "M.A.S.K." division within that cartoon world.

Browsing the internet I've found these great images of an Optimus Prime painted in some familiar colours -

An Optimus Prime/Rhino Crossover!

These are amazing and I'd love to see Hasbro bring these out for real - I guess it would have to have three modes, though!  Tractor Unit and Defence Modes as featured above and then Robot Mode as well - to make it truly a crossover.

Remember to keep up to date with all of the M.A.S.K. sites on the web as we will soon be....  You may have to wait just a little bit longer!

#assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

Monday, 4 August 2014

Darren Gregson is gearing up for what's coming soon... #assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

If you are a regular reader of my blog or if you ever find yourself on the M.A.S.K. Comics Facebook Page, you may already be familiar with Darren Gregson!

Like myself, Darren was and still is an avid fan of the UK M.A.S.K. comics.  I'm a bit envious of Darren as not only has he great talent that allows him to draw spectacular images of M.A.S.K. and V.E.N.O.M. vehicles, he also managed to contact several of the Artists who created this great comic. 

Darren's Facebook Page, Back to the Old Drawing Board, is supporting our Bring back M.A.S.K. Campaign.  Keep your eye out for further details on this and other M.A.S.K. and non-M.A.S.K. Facebook Pages and websites.

In the meantime, Darren has shared a couple of fantastic images - first off we have Jackhammer -

You will have to excuse the "ink tank" Watermark - Darren wishes to protect his designs - and with images as great as this - it's no wonder.  I was lucky enough that Darren initially shared this image with me a few months ago.

The detail is amazing and truly captures Jackhammer in all of her glory.  The artists of the UK Comic also managed to precisely draw each and every vehicle in the 80 issue run - Darren has learned from these master artists and added his unique style to his drawings.

The next image - and today was the firs time I saw this - is of Stinger -

 There is  a lot of "movement" in this image and like of his work is impeccable!  Stinger was always one of my favourites - I think due to the how complex the conversion was over some of the earlier models such as Firecracker or Condor.

I often wondered how you could make this real - as the wheels come of the ground to be replaced by the tank tracks, would prove problematic!

Thank you once again, Darren, for sharing your great images with us - and I look forward to September.....????

Stay tuned for more updates on the coming events....

In the meantime - head over to Darren's Page and get liking! 

#assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Coming Soon..... Bring back M.A.S.K. - #assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

A short time ago M.A.S.K. Comics started the "#assembleMASK" campaign.  This has started to take off and you can search this tag in all of your favourite search engines and Social Media sites to bring you all related items.

M.A.S.K. Comics also brought you the Bring Back M.A.S.K. petition - if you haven't already signed the petition please follow this link - Change.org.

M.A.S.K. Comics are now joining forces with the biggest and best M.A.S.K. sites and Facebook Pages to bring you something special in September.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for more information....

In the meantime, please start using the following hashtags to get them trending..

#assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Chikara High Noon

A couple of months ago I upgraded from my Nokia Lumia 800 to the Nokia Lumia 1020 Yellow.  Great phone with a great camera - 41 Megapixel sensor!!

One of the best features of the Nokia Lumia is Mix Radio - it allows you stream from a selection of music genre mixes.  Alternatively, you can download four mixes onto your phone to take with you offline.

One of the new options on the 1020 is the "Play Me" mix.  You can type in the names of some artists that you like and it will play you a selection of your chosen artists songs along with similar genres.

One of my chosen artists is Stan Bush.  Many of you will be familiar with at least two of his songs - "The Touch" and "Dare" from "The Transformers Movie" from 1986.  Today, I was treated to a song of his that I'd never heard before - "High Noon Theme".

At only just over a minute long, I couldn't help but think it was similar to another theme I'm very familiar with - the theme to M.A.S.K.  If you don't believe me, you can check out the song on Youtube - Click Here for Chikara High Noon by Stan Bush.

After a little Google searching I discovered that this was the theme tune to a Chikara Wrestling Event.  A little more digging and I found this image -

If I'm not mistaken another homage to M.A.S.K.  With a background very similar to the back page of one of the UK Holiday Specials previously feature on my blog.

It just goes to show there are still a lot of M.A.S.K. Fans still out there and it is time for its return!!

Remember and Sign the Petition to Bring Back M.A.S.K.

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

M.A.S.K. Mini Comics - Issue 3 "Assault on Boulder Hill" - #assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

Issue 3 was the last in the Mini Comic Series that came free with the toys!

For such a small comic, the visuals pack a tremendous punch.

We have Cliff dagger in Jackhammer attacking Boulder HIll - Alex Sector mans the freeze ray cannons and shoots at him as Thunderhawk flies overhead firing its weapons at him.  Buddie Hawks is seen in mid penetration utilising his Mask.

As the story starts, Cliff Dagger is in Jackhammer and uses his Torch Mask to start a fire on the trailer of an unsuspecting truck passing by.

Meanwhile, at Boulder Hill, Buddie and Alex as discussing the worthwhile cause of donating blood that the rest of team are attending whilst they man the fort at Boulder Hill.

As the Truck speeds past them, still on fire, they decide to activate Boulder Hill's Security System and give chase in "Hondo's Truck".  We don't really get a good view of this, so I'm assuming it's Firecracker that they use.

Mayhem flies in in Switchblade and uses Frequency Duplicator to get past Boulder Hills "hi-tech" Security System!  Dagger enters the M.A.S.K. HQ to steal their Masks.

As Dagger rendezvous with his leader, they try on the Masks to discover that they have been booby trapped and give them a shock.  In disgust, the V.E.N.O.M. team throw the Masks into a lake.

Alex and Buddie get back to Boulder Hill to find that the Masks have been stolen.  Matt Trakker is back from giving blood to the red cross - he explains that the Masks have been programmed to only respond to commands from M.A.S.K. Team Members.

Matt then uses a Homing Beacon to have the Masks fly their way back home.

Now, a Camaro that turns into a Jet is relatively believable.  But a flying Mask?  Even I'm dubious over that!

Anyway, the Masks find their way back to Boulder Hill and our team "Suit Up" in preparation for round two of V.E.N.O.M.'s assault on Boulder HIll.

Matt takes to the air in Thunderhawk, Alex heads outside and Buddie stays inside to keep guard!  Hmmm...  seems like Buddie wants to stay away from the action?

As predicted - the assault comes from the V.E.N.O.M. team.  Mayhem spots Thunderhawk and uses cloud cover to get behind before he unleashes his attack.

Matt takes evasive measures to avoid being hit from Mayhem, then Boulder Hill's defences aid Matt by attacking Switchblade.

Dagger attempts to attack but his weapons ricochet off of Boulder Hill's defences.

Dagger uses his Torch Mask to fight Fire against the Freeze Ray Guns manned by Alex Sector.  Buddie launches the Boulder from atop of their HQ that sends Dagger fleeing!

Mayhem also turns tail as Matt gets behind him and attacks.

This is a well constructed little comic.  There are a few issues, as I've mentioned, but apart from that it is overall very good.

If you would like to read this comic for yourself, head over to boulder-hill.net to read this and issues 1 & 2.

The campaign to Brink Back M.A.S.K. is still ongoing - and you can sign the petition over at change.org - the more signatures, the better! 

For all of your posts remember and hashtag them all -

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Monday, 21 April 2014

M.A.S.K. Mini Comics - Issue Two "A Monster from V.E.N.O.M." - #nessie #assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

There has been a lot of speculation recently about sightings of the Loch Ness Moster - #nessie - being found on Apple Maps.  There have also been a number of stories recently that suggest that the great beast may be dead!

Well, according to M.A.S.K. Mini Comics Issue Two - we now know the REAL story of what happened to #nessie !

For a small comic, the front cover doesn't half pack a dramatic first punch!

Dusty Hayes in Gator is attempting a rescue in his Gator boat as Sly Rax enters the water in his Piranha Sub.

Meanwhile, overhead, we see Brad Turner Flying overhead in Condor!

This is a great, well drawn cover - just like the first issue.  It really draws you into the world of illusion!

Inside - our story starts off at V.E.N.O.M.'s top secret base as we see Miles Mayhem donning his Viper M.A.S.K. to attack Matt Trakker who has somehow managed to track him down.

As Mayhem's Viper Mask fires upon Matt Trakker, he informs Matt that there is no Antidote to the poison spat out from his Mask!

As Sly Rax enters the room, we discover that this isn't the real Matt Trakker - but instead just a dressed up Mannequin!  I Guess the V.E.N.O.M. Leader has to practice somehow!

Rax has a copy of news paper in his hands with the Headline - "Loch Ness Moster appears in Diablo Canyon"!  For all of those Nessie Hunters out of there, now we know where she has gone!

It would appear that our Evil V.E.N.O.M. Team have managed to capture her and transport her to Diablo Canyon.  A trap to lure in the M.A.S.K. Team to their death's.

We then see Matt Trakker and Bruce Sato in a Dinghy searching Diablo Canyon.  It strikes me as strange that they are not in a M.A.S.K. vehicle, nor do they have their Masks with them!

Anyway, the Loch Ness Monster rears out of the water causing our M.A.S.K. Duo and the occupants of another Dinghy into the water!  As Matt hits the water, he uses his M.A.S.K. watch to summon the M.A.S.K. Team to their location.

After helping the other tourists back into their Dinghy, our duo of heroes get back into their Dinghy and lure Nessie away.

Brad Turner and Dusty Hayes are back at Boulder Hill HQ and pick up on Matt's distress call and head out on Condor and Gator, respectively!

We then see Sly Rax lurking in the shadows on Piranha and discover that he has implanted a Remote Control in Nessie's Brain and is programming her to go after our M.A.S.K. team.

As Brad and Dusty reach the scene, Sly spots them and attacks!

Brad uses Condor's Anti-Matter Ray to destroy a land torpedo courtesy of Piranha!

Rax heads of under a threat that he'll get them at Diablo Canyon!

Brad takes flight in Condor to get the Canyon quicker - however, he encounters some strong winds that slow him down somewhat!

We then see a tourist trying to get a great picture of the Monster but ends up falling into the Canyon itself.  Rax uses this opportunity attack him as he knows that the M.A.S.K. team will enter the fray to save him.

Dusty enters the water in Gator's Hydroplane to go after Rax in Piranha!

After a brief battle with Rax, Dusty goes to the aid of Bruce and Matt who are still under threat from Nessie!  As he gets there, he uses Gator's Freeze Ray to freeze the water around Nessie;  trapping her fast!

Rax comes in for another attack, but a little illusion work from Brad Turner's Hocus Pocus Mask soon sends Rax on his way!

This is a great little comic that was given away with the toys.  However, I'm not too sure what then happens to Nessie - so perhaps the mystery of #nessie continues to this day....

The M.A.S.K. Comics Facebook Page has received a lot of interest recently and we are now on 500+ page likes - and counting.  If you haven't already liked this great page - what are you waiting for?

Also, the Bring Back M.A.S.K. Petition has grown to 200+ signatures - onwards and upwards to the next milestone of 500+ signatures!  If you haven't already signed and commented - please do!  We want to see a return of this great brand!

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