Saturday, 9 March 2013

M.A.S.K. Movie - a Tale of Two Scripts

A number of years ago, whilst working in a Call Centre, I came up with an idea.  This idea lead to myself and a friend writing a script - "The Halls".  In 2009 I revisited this script adding more depth, humour and drama.

When I finished this script, I found myself looking for the next challenge - inspiration came to me in the form of M.A.S.K.  During my teens, I collected all of the UK Comics and Books (hence this blog) watched most of the cartoons (have now seen them all on DVD) and have collected all of the US Comics.

Two regular features within the comic were the Letters Page and MASK Art - which encouraged budding Artists to send in their pictures of not only existing Characters, Vehicles and Masks but to create your own.  My imagination ran wild and I started creating one vehicle after another along with M.A.S.K. and V.E.N.O.M. agents and Masks.

Instead of sending my ideas to the comic, I thought it best to send them direct to Kenner - the makers of the toys.  Based on their response, I ended up taking Art & Design and Technical Drawing as the prospect of becoming a sort of Bruce Sato, Toy Designer Extraordinaire filled the rest of my school years.  With the demise of the M.A.S.K. toyline, comics and cartoon my aspirations died with them.

So, in September 2009 my thirst to write another script combined with my love M.A.S.K. I started writing the first few pages.  However, in the back of mind I was concerned at what I was going to do with my script when it was finished.

What I've learned from my experience of my previous endeavours with a script and various ideas for TV Programmes is that companies don't like you approaching them.  I then started chatting with someone whose friend was the daughter of the CEO of Hasbro - the company who bought over Kenner.

I thought, that's my way in!

Writing continued on my script until the end of 2009 by which time I had written approx 80-90 pages.  Progress slowed over the Christmas period and then my son, Reece, was born on the 7th of January 2010.  Around the same time, my Father's health deteriorated and my plans were put on hold.  I guess part of me was glad as I had worked hard on the script and had come up against a bit of writers block.

Although I didn't do much work on my script over 2010/2011; in my mind I was always working on the script.

One of the guys at work new I was writing my script and mentioned he was also into M.A.S.K. when he was younger and told me that there were already plans to make a movie.  My heart sunk!  I checked out the IMDB website as suggested by my colleague only to find out he was kidding.

However, every now and again I would search "M.A.S.K.Movie" in Google, Bing and Youtube.  Eventually, I started getting results for a movie trailer but it was clear it wasn't a studio made trailer.  Then I came across the following site -

Again, my heart sunk.  Not only did I have competition from across the pond in the form of Jason and Wyatt, but they had already finished their script and had started promoting it.

I was even more determined than ever to finish my script.

I contacted them via e-mail and mentioned that I, too, was writing a script.  In their response they mentioned a piece of free software called Celtx (Download Here).  I downloaded and installed at the earliest opportunity and set about porting my script over onto this format.

As I did so, I made some changes to improve my script.  I then got back into writing.  When my father passed away in May 2012 my determination to complete the project grew.

I still had a bit of writers block.  I've created a couple of new characters and a new vehicle that I wanted to introduce.  Bandicoot is based on a Can-am Spyder Motorcycle and would be instrumental in the battle I was trying to write.

I knew the basics of the next scene I wanted to write but it hadn't clicked in my mind how I was going to move forward with it.  Part of the issue was I didn't know how the new character and vehicle would fit in.  Nor did I have a name for her Mask (yes she's a female agent - can't say too much but she's from Germany) or it's ability.

Inspiration eventually hit me on my drive into work one day.  I heard a song by a British band called M People - hadn't heard it in a while.  It's one word title is a French word that has found it's way into the English dictionary.  Suddenly my mind went crazy - I thought of another French word that is used in everyday English; shortened it to become the name of her Mask; came up with an Adventure Pack that she uses in conjunction with her Mask and Bandicoot; then the storyline all fell into place.

Within the time of a four minute long song I had written a whole battle scene in my head.

Thinking about it; had I tried to write this back in 2009/2010 I know that this scene wouldn't be as good as it is today - I'd even say it's the best scene in the script.

I then worked when I could and managed to finish my script.  So far, only one other person has read it and he has given me some pointers, but overall liked it. 

I made contact with Hasbro but as of yet to no avail.

Many people out there will be wondering why, if I call Wyatt and Jason, the competition why do I mention them in my blog?

Simple, the guys have done a great job and their website has excellent material on it.  As I've mentioned before, if their script is as good as their blog then I have some serious competition on my hands.

However, the word "competition" is used affectionately- I'd like to think we have mutual respect for each others work.  I have no doubt in my head that at some point a movie about M.A.S.K. will be made.  I think given the work that Jason, Wyatt and myself have put into our scripts, I'd rather see one of these be made into a movie rather than some stock writer who doesn't know much about M.A.S.K.

I hope that someone from Hasbro will eventually read my script and like it.  Until then I'll promote my script and help promote Jason and Wyatt's script also - as they say, the most important thing is that we get a M.A.S.K. movie.

I have made a small start on the sequel to the above but I'm also working on some other projects as well as work on my blog and Facebook page.

On a final note; I wrote my script to entertain.  In the unfortunate event that my script isn't made into a movie, I'll make my script available for all to read on my blog.


  1. Scott, thanks so much for sharing. Really appreciate you opening up your writing experience to Wyatt and I and the M.A.S.K. community in general. 100% agree with our mutual respect for each others script.

    Or initial motivation to write a script was to get M.A.S.K. on the big screen. We're glad sharing or experience aided your effort to complete your script and hope there are others who will write one as well. Someday we'll get you on MASKast to just talk or maybe even compare basic aspects of our scripts!

    1. Hey Jason,

      Glad to have your feedback. I'm reading "The Book of Power" to my son, was thinking I could make some notes on the difference between the novel and the cartoon and could use that as materiel for a new blog.