Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Missing M.A.S.K. Snowmobile?

As you will know, M.A.S.K. toys were made under the Kenner banner.  Kenner was sold off from it's parent company, General Mills, to Tonka who were then taken over by Hasbro.

There is a great website with a wealth of information relating to Kenner Products, including M.A.S.K. at - that I would recommend to you if you are a fan of this great company's range of products.

One of the exciting finds on this website is the "Kenner Morgue Inventory List".  This is a list of products, prototypes, test packaging, etc. that Kenner had accumulated over the years.  When Hasbro shut down the Kenner Operation, decisions where made as to what to keep and what to destroy - unfortunately, much of this material was destroyed.

The list above is a small excerpt from this list and anything highlighted in green was saved and sent to Hasbro.

You'll notice one item of particular interest on here - "MASK SNOWMOBILE".  We've all seen the images of some other prototype toys such as Thunderball and heard about the fabled Shark toy - but somewhere locked away at Hasbro HQ is an unreleased M.A.S.K. toy that may never see the light of day.

So, I'm looking for some help?  Did you, or did someone you know, work for Kenner and have some insight into this toy?  What did it do?  Who was it's driver and which Mask did they wear?

If you do - please feel free to e-mail me.

Perhaps there is something similar in script?  Who knows!

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Thank you.

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