Monday, 4 August 2014

Darren Gregson is gearing up for what's coming soon... #assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

If you are a regular reader of my blog or if you ever find yourself on the M.A.S.K. Comics Facebook Page, you may already be familiar with Darren Gregson!

Like myself, Darren was and still is an avid fan of the UK M.A.S.K. comics.  I'm a bit envious of Darren as not only has he great talent that allows him to draw spectacular images of M.A.S.K. and V.E.N.O.M. vehicles, he also managed to contact several of the Artists who created this great comic. 

Darren's Facebook Page, Back to the Old Drawing Board, is supporting our Bring back M.A.S.K. Campaign.  Keep your eye out for further details on this and other M.A.S.K. and non-M.A.S.K. Facebook Pages and websites.

In the meantime, Darren has shared a couple of fantastic images - first off we have Jackhammer -

You will have to excuse the "ink tank" Watermark - Darren wishes to protect his designs - and with images as great as this - it's no wonder.  I was lucky enough that Darren initially shared this image with me a few months ago.

The detail is amazing and truly captures Jackhammer in all of her glory.  The artists of the UK Comic also managed to precisely draw each and every vehicle in the 80 issue run - Darren has learned from these master artists and added his unique style to his drawings.

The next image - and today was the firs time I saw this - is of Stinger -

 There is  a lot of "movement" in this image and like of his work is impeccable!  Stinger was always one of my favourites - I think due to the how complex the conversion was over some of the earlier models such as Firecracker or Condor.

I often wondered how you could make this real - as the wheels come of the ground to be replaced by the tank tracks, would prove problematic!

Thank you once again, Darren, for sharing your great images with us - and I look forward to September.....????

Stay tuned for more updates on the coming events....

In the meantime - head over to Darren's Page and get liking! 

#assembleMASK #Hasbro #MASKComics

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