Sunday, 25 October 2015

◒--- M▫A▫S▫K RETURNS ---◒

INSIDE BUZZ : Our favorite cartoon returns, thanks to independent director David Guivant who chose to bring it back in a form of a semi-live action and animated fan-film.

A very ambitious and non-profit project indeed, this adventure is a cross between GIJOE meets FAST & FURIOUS

Some other insight on the storyline which will take place many years after the first season of M.A.S.K and Scott Trakker is going through college, fans can expect some updated vehicles as well as a new and more compact T-BOB.

LATEST RUMORS : French model and illustrator Delphine Delente is also involved in the project, she will appear as our favorite villain Vanessa Warfield
CONTRIBUTORS :Thanks to God, a few selected M.A.S.K agents from Singapore, Scotland, USA, England, Porto Rico and France have also joined forces with David on this fun project. 

Remember this is all done with the heart by devoted fans and no-financial profit is being made from it.

STATUS: 120 Visual Effects shots are expected and the project is slated for a Dec 2016 release. The project is still in post-production but David has decided to release a small clip of Brad Turner for the 30th anniversary

Watch out V.E.N.O.M goons, M.A.S.K will return !!

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