Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Full M.A.S.K. Script

Many Years ago, I started a journey...  a journey that began with writing a script based on M.A.S.K. - Mobile Armored Strike Kommand.  

Along the journey I have met some great people.  When I started out, I'd always said that I wanted my script to be enjoyed, preferably as a movie, but with the recent announcement that Hasbro and Paramount are working with a team of writers to bring out a M.A.S.K. movie, I guess my dream is over.

I had promised some time ago that I would publish my script for everyone to read and hopefully enjoy.  So here it is.

I had hoped to rewrite it as I know that it could be a lot better than it is - the 1st 20 or so pages concentrate too much on a back story to lead into the movie but I've not yet had the time.

Thank you all for reading my blog over the past few years.

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  1. Cool...I'll read this over Christmas! You heard this news below, right??


    1. Good Morning Ewen,

      Yes, I've heard the news; hence why I have posted my script. It looks like Hasbro and Paramount have a team of writers to link all of the different toy lines together into one universe for movie's.

      I guess, therefore, my script won't go any further - so I thought I'd share it on my blog as originally planned if it didn't go anywhere.

      I hope that you like it - feel free to comment on it.

      Thank you,


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    1. Thanks for that Vaughn!! I'm glad at least one person has enjoyed it! Feel free to let everyone know about it and share it.

      Let me know any feedback you have as well - that would be great!


    2. You are a gent, thank you.


  3. That was truly fantastic. If only some big wig movie director would buy this script off you. But they would have to watch Season 1 and 2 of MASK, to be able to relate to your script. I think they would also need to see the MASK toys as well, and be very enthusiastic too. Did you know Dave Guivant is also working on a live action MASK movie too. As far as I know it in pre-production at the moment. I absolutely can't wait for it.By the way it was actually me who did most of those real life MASK vehicles like Wolfbeast, Manta, Thunderhawk, Rhino, Ratfang, Hurricane, Volcano etc. I don't mind people using them, as long as they don't take credit for doing them.

    1. Hey Mark,

      Thank you for your comments - I'm glad that you liked it. I tried my hardest to get it to Hasbro but to no avail. Hasbro have made a statement that they have made a deal with Paramount to make M.A.S.K. - but has part of a Multiverse with G.I. Joe and a few others - I didn't think my script would fit with what they are doing hence why I published on my Page.

      Yes, Dave and I have been in touch over the years and I've added him as an author to this blog and my Facebook Page so that he can add to my posts. My script isn't in conjunction with Dave, however.

      It's nice to know who created those images - they're great and I know they're on a number of pages now being spread around - must be good for you know they are being appreciated.

      If you have any more great stuff, let me know and I'll get it posted on my pages - w_scott_crawford@hotmail.com



    2. Hi again Scott. I'm not 100% sure I'd like to see a Multiverse with G.I. Joe and some others. I don't really care about G.I. Joe all that much, and I never got into it as a kid. I really just want to see a MASK movie on it's own. If they were to make a Multiverse movie, I don't think MASK would get enough screen time. And to be honest I want the movie to about MASK only. Still if Hasbro are to make a Multiverse movie it's better than nothing at all. Hopefully Dave will come up with the goods. I've collecting MASK now for 20 years now believe or not.

      Here is a link to all the real life MASK vehicles I did over the past years.


      You may have to log into facebook to see them.

      Here is my entire MASK collection. At the time when I took this photo I didn't have Billboard Blast. The whole MASK set is there, even Laser Command. Thankfully I have it now. I have all the bombs and accessories too. I even have harness for Volcano. The only things I'm missing are the two helmets for Wolfbeast unfortunately. Again in order to see it, you'll have to log in facebook. Here it is:


      Keep up the good work on your site. At the moment I'm really enjoying the MASKasts podcasts. They are brilliant and very interesting.

    3. Hey Mark,

      I agree with you - I'd rather see a standalone movie myself. I'm doing a piece just now on the subject that I should have posted up soon. At the end of the day, I don't think the G.I. Joe movies did as well as anticipated - so, my thoughts are they are bringing in other characters to prop it up.

      I certainly think that, although popular in the US, G.I. Joe wasn't really known in other parts of the world where we grew up with Action Man and not Joe. Same toy, different name.

      On the flip side to that, M.A.S.K. I think was FAR more popular outside of the US. The UK comics ran far longer, there were European variants of toys and more of the Figure packs.

      M.A.S.K. is truly a treasure - but I'm afraid will be bastardised to fit in with all the other properties coming together.

      I enjoy listening to Wyatt and Jason's MASKasts as well. I'm not saying that I always agree with them, but well worth a listen.

      I'll access your Facebook page when I can - can't get access to it on this PC.