Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Big Thank You - 5,000 Page Views

Recently, I posted on my Facebook Page that I'd managed to reach 100 likes.

Today, my blog reached 5,000 pageviews - and growing.  Ok, some of these views would've been me checking to make sure things look ok on my blog once I've posted.  Nevertheless, from starting off in September last year to 5000 views today I feel that it has all been worth it.

It's great to read your comments on Facebook and would be keen to have some of you make more use of the blog to post some of your own comments, so feel free to add your own point of view.

As a little treat, I will be posting a sneak peak of my script on my blog (for a limited time only) some time within the next 7 days.  I hope you enjoy!

Here's to 10,000 page views.

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