Tuesday, 9 April 2013

David Pugh Fan Page on Facebook

Many of you who also check out my Facebook Page on a regular basis may have seen the recent post by Darren sharing a link to the David Pugh Fan Page on Facebook!

The work of Artist David Pugh adorns the pages of many famous UK Comics including The Eagle, 2000AD, Judge Dredd and, of course, M.A.S.K.  If you are regulars of my blog, you will already have seen some of the images created by this genius and I'd recommend that you have a look at this fantastic Facebook Page.

In the last Comic Review of Issue 10, we saw the conclusion of Kamikaze.  The image above is from the Facebook page and is an original piece of artwork that formed part of that issue.  From the looks of things most of the pages from Kamikaze are present.

From issue 10 to issue 11 -

Recently, you may have seen a couple of images appearing on my Facebook page - these were little tasters of what's to come on my next review of Issue 11.

Above is an original piece from the next issue that I'll be reviewing.  There are many more on there.  Images like this are part of my inspiration for writing my M.A.S.K. script - wouldn't it be great to have David Pugh illustrate my script into a comic?

So, there you have it!  A little insight into what is a great Facebook Page - so what are you waiting for?  Get on there, getting liking and check out the full collection of Images for yourself.

If you used to collect UK comics I'm sure you will see something that brings back memories and if you are new to the UK comic scene you will be taken away by these amazing images.

Thank you David Pugh and the rest of the team for bringing all of my favourite M.A.S.K. (and V.E.N.O.M.) Characters to life!

Feel free to leave your own comments below on your memories of the artwork of M.A.S.K., share my page on Google+ and remember to like and share my Facebook Page with all of your friends.  I recently hit 100 Likes on Facebook and looking forward to 500!

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