Sunday, 8 February 2015

Wanted - Jean Chalopin - M.A.S.K.'s 30th Anniversary

The growing fandom surrounding M.A.S.K. at the moment is staggering.  From Websites to Facebook Pages to growing speculation of Matt Trakker appearing in the next installment of G.I. Joe.

One fan in particular is working particularly hard on his attempts to Bring Back M.A.S.K. - José Manuel Rosario Rodríguez!

A recent campaign that he has started is his search to find Jean Chalopin -

Chalopin was responsible for setting up DIC - the studio that behind many of my favourite childhood cartoons.  Ulysses 31, Inspector Gadget, Pole Position and Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors to name a few.

These were all great Cartoons - but my heart belongs to M.A.S.K.  I know that the comics were my route into M.A.S.K. but the "As seen on TV" on the covers got me into watching the early morning cartoons also.

Back in the day I used to record them and watch them time and again.  Jean, you are a Legend!  If you are reading this, or if anyone who knows you is reading, please feel free to e-mail me or contact me via my Facebook Page - I'd love to do a piece on my blog!

Retroblasting have also shown an interest in interviewing you and I'm sure that Jason and Wyatt over at Agents of M.A.S.K. would also love a chat!

Thank you for giving us M.A.S.K.

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  1. hi do you know our book

    about dic story ? we can hellp you !!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I can't access Facebook at the moment - will check it as soon as I have access to my Laptop at home.

      This sounds great. I there any chance you could e-mail me to discuss further? Would be great to do a piece on your book and if you have anyway of putting me in contact with Jean - that would be phenomenal!