Monday, 28 March 2016

✰ M.A.S.K - L E G A C Y ✰

✰ INSIDE BUZZ : Latest news on the  semi-live action and animated fan-film teaser project by indy director David Guivant . The title for this new adventure is called ✰ M▫Ѧ▫S▫K Legacy ✰

✰ CAST : Comic artist Joe Del Beato makes a cameo appearance as Admiral Dash Davis and actress Jasmine Wright (The Librarians Tv series) will be playing lieutenant Skye Masters from the P.N.A crew.

✰ LATEST RUMORS : The lovely Cardiology Cosplay  from the UK will be Gloria Baker and French redhead Illustrator Delphine Delente  will be portraying our favorite femme fatale : Vanessa Warfield.

CONTRIBUTORS : Remember this is all done with the heart by devoted fans and no-financial profit is being made from it. Thanks to God, a few selected M▫A▫S▫K agents from around the world are also helping out and now ✧Malaysia✧ also joined forces with David on this fun project, acting as consultants making sure that his new designs, concept arts and technological enhancements in this sequel, remain true to the spirit of the classic cartoon and DC comic book that we all love and treasure.

MASK COMICS feels very lucky to part of the few hand picked agents to get an exclusive look at David's work as he updates us on a shot by shot basis. So stay tuned, in few months time we will reveal the ✧Thunderhawk ✧ and ✧Matt Trakker✧ behind his M▫Ѧ▫S▫K.


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