Monday, 3 June 2013

HA13 Concept Art - M.A.S.K. Movie and Computer Game

A couple of weeks ago, HA13 posted a link to their CG Portfolio Page on my Facebook Page. On their page are some awesome images of their vision of M.A.S.K. in a movie and computer game.

The image above of the new vision of Boulder Hill has such amazing depth and detail.  There are elements that define this as Boulder Hill - there is no mistaking the bunker on the left hand side of the image.

There are clearly changes to the original which may offend some die hard fans but the addition of posters, and Ice Bin, etc. really set this off.

Their new vision of Jackhammer brings it kicking and screaming into this Century.

A new modern and fresh looking Ford Bronco Concept in an almost patent black gloss is complimented with the Neon Blue Instrument Panel on the Dashboard and on the Gunners Chair.

The final Image I have "stolen" from HA13's site is of Condor.

A vibrant green Kawasaki Motorcycle that turns into the familiar Condor Helicopter that was many a fans first M.A.S.K. toy.  Kawasaki is famed for it's green Motorcycles - I believe this was their racing colour.  Many years ago one of my Brother's owned a Kawasaki 250 Scorpion in this colour.

So, I guess a Kawasaki is a great choice for Condor to fit in with the colour scheme to make it more real.

There are many more great images on HA13's Website and I thoroughly recommend that you visit.  You can also get to their Facebook Page via their comment on my Facebook Page.

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  1. Wow! I love the "We've Got Ice" signs right next to the pumps. Weren't they freeze rays or something?

    1. Yes, you're right! Maybe that's where the Freeze Rays get their ammunition from!

  2. Replies
    1. It's amazing. Would be good in a movie or even a T-Shirt!