Saturday, 1 June 2013

Miles Mayhem Cameo - From November 2010 GI Joe Collector's Club Magazine

If you have been reading my blog, then it is a good guess to say you are a fan of M.A.S.K. - Mobile Armored Strike Kommand.  

I'm sure we can all agree how great it is and would like to see it return.  I think somewhere in the depths of Hasbro, they also would like to see it's return.  Why do I say this?  In previous posts I've mentioned recent "sightings" or "mentions" of M.A.S.K. or M.A.S.K. characters.  I now have proof of another "sighting"!

Bill, who has posted in my comments under "phideaux1", has sent an image from the November 2010 GI Joe Collector's Club Magazine, that features none other than V.E.N.O.M. leader, Miles Mayhem.

Ok, so he doesn't get mentioned by name, nor does he have any lines, but it's definitely Miles Mayhem on the stage in the last cell.

It's a bit of a fall from grace being the main badass in the M.A.S.K. world to making a cameo.  But does this signal a possible return for Miles Mayhem and the rest of the V.E.N.O.M. team?

As I've previously mentioned, I'd rather that the M.A.S.K. world remain in it's own realm and not as part of Transformers or GI Joe - but at this moment - I'll take what I can get!

If anyone has any more great finds like this - keep them coming.  E-mail me or post on my Facebook Page.

Thank you.

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