Saturday, 29 June 2013

M.A.S.K. Cartoon Revamp!

I used to watch the M.A.S.K. cartoons on Saturday Mornings; bought some videos back in the day and now have the complete collection on DVD (Pity the UK release didn't have the great image to the left as it's packaging).

Hard to believe that I used to pay around £8 ago for a video with just a couple of episodes and recently bought the complete set on DVD for £7.99!

Anyway, I digress - so what I was thinking, as much as I loved the cartoons, I'd like to see a modern CGI version of my favourite heroes and villains.

Not necessarily a reboot, but a revamp of the originals - using the original soundtrack recordings against an updated CGI version of cartoon.

Outlaw was always one of my favourite vehicles and I was disappointed that it never quite lived up to the toy or how it was portrayed in the UK Comic.  The same can be said for some of the other vehicles, Masks and characters.

Perhaps one day someone will invest in such a project!


  1. Only £7.99???

    Lucky. In the US, it's over $50 for the series...

    1. Hey Bill,

      Just had a chance to look at the US version on Amazon - looks like there are a number of differences based on one comment left re the item.

      The UK "Complete Series" has all of the episodes on it - including the 10 from series two.

      Although this sounds like a bargain, the US version has better artwork and a better DVD Menu screen. Also seems to offer up some extras that the UK version is lacking.

      Would I pay the extra money to buy the US version just for that alone? Absolutely not!

  2. Just checked - currently £9 but was a lot cheaper for a while!